Monday, January 30, 2012

Put Me In Coach...

When I was a little girl, I believed that I had something really special.   More than that; I knew I was adored and precious.  I can almost remember believing that anything is possible, that magic was real, and that I was a really important part of everything going on around me.

And then life taught me something different.

Circumstances and hurt, scared people taught me to be satisfied with living a life on the sidelines happily cheering the winners on, while I took my rightful place with the rest of the spectators.

I've been a spectator all my life; whether it be in team sports, with boyfriends, with my family, with my friends, or with my job.  I never tried to be the star or the leader.   I always thought it was just me being humble, but now I realize it's all fear and distractions.  That little girl that knew she was special never stopped trying to work her way back into the spotlight she so adored, but I kept telling her to have a seat.  

But I wasn't born to sit on the sidelines.  I was born to SHINE!  I am necessary.  I am precious.  I have a goal and no one can stop me from achieving it....except me.

God has shown me that it's time to leave the sideline for good and step onto the playing field.  I have to stop letting fear stop me from reaching my goals.

If you are wondering whether or not you have a starring role in the story of your life, the answer is YES!     Jesus has a plan for you, and if you are willing to follow Him, He will show you how life was meant to be lived.  With Him there is no need to fear because you can't lose.  Things may not look like you thought they would or you may make some mistakes along the way, but Jesus isn't afraid of your failure. It's time for us to stop letting fearful people, religious heaviness, and all the many other distractions of life stop us from moving forward at God's prompting.

There are times where we need to rest and replenish, and then there are times we need to give everything we have.  Only in relationship with the God that lives inside you will you know whether it's time to rest or run.

No matter the season you are in, you have a purpose that only you can fulfill.  Believe like a child again. Believe in things you can't see.  If you have need, all you have to do is ask your Daddy.  He can't WAIT to give you what you need...even your wants and desires.  Little children understand.  We need to get back to the simple days when a cardboard box was a castle and crayons could talk.



PS - Just in case you are wondering, Tony and I are doing so great and life is just really flippin' fantastic! :)