Friday, June 18, 2010

Stuff Christians Like...

Dude, I just bought this book "Stuff Christians Like"....and it  It's so funny that I kept doing that old man laugh.  You know, the one where you laugh so hard that you cease to make a sound, end with a wheeze, and then start coughing. 

Check out the website:

Jonathan Acuff, the son of a preacher man, started this blog in 2008 after the book "Stuff White People Like" came out.  If you are a Christian, you will love this book...because it will make you feel normal.  If you're not a Christian because you think we are all a bunch of uptight, judgmental Bible bashers...then you will love this book...because it will prove you right...JUST KIDDING!...because it will show you that us Christians are humans too...except for the Christian cyborgs...they're not technically human, but they are still funny as hell (hell is a Christian word, so I'm allowed to say it...don't send hate mail). 

I know this book and the website are controversial, but that's mainly because it reveals the Christian's deepest, well kept secret.....we're flippin funny.  All of us.  Yeah, even that one guy.

If you love Jesus, then you are basically equivalent to a stand-up, the funniest one ever.  It's a scientific fact.  All of this scientific stuff was done to all kinds of people and they found out the truth...each Christian in the world has the capacity to yield funniness so powerful that if used to it's fullest extent would make everyone on the planet pee their pants simultaneously.  Some of us hide this fact in the deep recesses of our souls...but that's only because millions of stand-up comedians making people pee their pants all the time, can be a little much.  We need a nice balance.  At our annual "What Should Christian's Say, Do, Feel, Look Like, Talk Like, Drink, Eat, Sing, and Wear Retreat Meeting Conference" all of the Christians in the whole wide world vote on who gets to be the funny, joyful Christians and who has to be the grumpy, angry, judgmental ones.  Thank goodness that each year, I have managed to be elected as a funny, joyful Christian.  Probably because each year I change my name on the registration form, but that's irrelevant.YAY FOR FUNNY!

Here's the deal...Loving Jesus, and living your life for God, isn't funny or something to take lightly at all.  I'm not "making fun" of Jesus and neither is Jonathan Acuff.  But, that being said....I tend to take myself and my situations in life, a little too seriously sometimes.  God wants us to be joyful.  He says it all the time in the Bible.  It a fruit of the Spirit of God.  Holy Spirit = Joy. What does it look like and feel like to be joyful?  When you are for real full of joy, can you help but laugh and smile?  I can't!  When I am full of joy, I am a smilin' and laughin' fool.  God loves laughter!  And let's be real...He obviously has a sense of humor.  Just look around you.  In DC, there are Police officers on Segways for goodness sake...I mean, really!?  How are you going to pull someone over on a Segway?  And what if you need to arrest them....are you going to cuff them and then have them hop of your back so you can roll down to the county jail? God laughs every time a police officer on a Segway tries to pull someone over.  It says so in the Bible somewhere...I think in Deuteronomy.

Sometimes when I take my situations in life a little too seriously, things get real unfunny real quick.  I'll be yuckin' it up one minute and then a thought will creep into my mind that reminds me that something in my life still sucks and the next thing you know...The sun creeps behind the clouds, I find myself walking down a lonely city street, everyone and everything is grey, I am cranking "Bittersweet Symphony" on my Ipod, trying to cry so I look extra needy to God, pondering how bad my situation currently is, and yet not really being quite sure exactly what my situation currently is...but just feeling like something sucks.  I do my best to look melancholy so that the world knows...hey, that girl's melancholy.  But, I don't really know what melancholy looks like so I just go with a frown/possible post stroke facial droop look.

What I need to be doing is listening to "Rhythm is a Dancer" and  run-dancing down the sunny city streets giving everyone double high fives because MY LIFE IS AWESOME even when it sometimes doesn't initially seem like it.  Instead of saying, I can't change, I can't change, I can't change, cause I'm here in my mold....I need to be saying....lift your hands and voices, free your mind and join us, you can feel it in the air!

Do you see how dangerous it can be to take yourself too seriously?

So, please....stop Bittersweet Symphonying your life.  It's not that bad.   And remember kids, every time a police officer on a Segway arrests a angel gets it's wings.


Funny Christian Katie

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