Tuesday, May 29, 2012

A Closer Walk With Thee...

It's been amazing chronicling my path on this blog over the last few years.  What a beautiful story I have!  The great mystery of how God can guide me and yet give me choices has been played out time and again throughout the last few years.  He has such unique ways of speaking to me; such as through the life of a duck named Thelma.  I love sharing my story with you, not because I am trying to give you a bullet point list of the best way to live your life, but because I want to show you the importance of a personal relationship with Jesus.

I believe that our Daddy loves us and trusts us so much that He gives us choices that are all one way or another in His will.  There are times that He grabs our hands and leads us.  Others that He snatches us from the snares and drop offs.  And then there are the times that He turns around and watches us stand at the crossroads that all lead to Him and He lets us decide which way we desire to go.  

The closer we are to Him, the more confidence we have to take the road less traveled.

Although God told me to quit my job in faith a few times, it most certainly hasn't been how He's guided me every time I've felt unhappy with my job or anything else in life.  There have been times that I have felt dissatisfied and wanted to quit or give up only to hear from Him that it wasn't time.  He knows me better than I know myself.  He knows that I need to build my perseverance through tough situations.  It's more important to Him that I be refined and made more Christlike than it is how happy I feel in the moment.  There aren't many people out there who don't kick at the goads a bit when they know they are going to have to change.  We are quick to run away from any situation that seems too big or too scary.  God knows that about us.  We always look for the easiest way; the path of least resistance.  And even though He knows that about us, He doesn't give up.  He continues to give us situations that grow our character.  

There are times we are to persevere and then there are times where He does want us to get out; and move quickly.  There isn't time to doubt and worry.  There is only time to move forward in faith.  So many times I've stayed way longer in places or situations than I should have and I paid the consequences for it. 
We may have choices as to which way we go, but every choice has a consequence.

It's hard to know which is the right way sometimes.  God doesn't tend to make things black and white.  The closer I get to God the more comfortable I get with living in the gray areas of life.  Not having a list of right and wrong answers draws us closer to the Holy Spirit to guide us.  I may not always know that what I am doing is the right thing, but I do know that even if I am wrong and I fail, my Daddy never leaves me and never stops loving me.  If you are stuck in indecision, sometimes the best thing you can do is just decide on something and go for it with all you got.  You might be wrong, but either way you'll have grown in your relationship with God.  You will learn His voice of confirmation, or you will learn His voice of correction. Both of them are healing and life changing.

Learning His voice and growing closer to Him is worth the risk of failing and falling.  And when you learn that you hear His voice and you can trust Him, your faith will flourish and mature.

People have written me and asked me if they should quit their jobs or they've already quit their jobs and are wondering if they should wait for the perfect job even if it takes years to find.  The truth is....I don't have any idea what you should do.   I would love to tell you what to do because that is one of my top five favorite things ever, but the truth is that you need to ask your Daddy and let Him guide you.

Whether you stay where you are in faith, or you head out into the wild blue yonder in faith, see that no matter what...He is good.


Katie "Trailblazer" Alicea

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