Tuesday, September 15, 2009

I'm a little Teapot...

Short and STOUT
Here is my handle (I'm putting my right hand on my hip)
Here is my spout (I'm putting my left arm out)
When I get all steam up (I'm doing some crazy dance)
Then I shout!
Tip me over and pour me out...! (I'm pretending to pour something out of my left arm)

YAY! Interpretive dance!

This song came to me the other day while I was running. I went running without my Ipod and I needed something, like a song, to keep the beat of my steps and for some reason...this is the song that popped into my head. Go figure! As I'm singing it over and over....and over again (long run...whoo hooo), I realized what a simple yet effective song it really is. It's very symbolic of how God wants us, His peeps, to be. (I try to find God hiding in the craziest of places...He's loves that about me!) It's quite simple...We are the teapots. God's love fills us up to the point that we can't hold it in any longer and therefore we give it away. Piece O Cake, right!? Children get it. But us grown ups (at least chronologically), ...we seem to have a hard time with this concept sometimes. When we allow God to live in our hearts and invite Him to fill us with His selfless, untiring, uncensored love....we become so full of it (love, that is) that we basically can't help but give it away. We can only give what we have...and if all we have is darkness, all we can give is darkness. If all we have is light...all we can give is light. Simple concept...hard to do..... I know, I know, I know. We like to complicate things, myself totally included..oh boy! We like to go out and find anything other than God to be the right answer. We would rather fill the void with something or someone who we, in our infinite knowledge (I'm rolling my eyes), deem to be best. You can't fill a teapot with a car. You can't fill a teapot with a boyfriend. You can't fill a teapot with money. You are supposed to fill a teapot with TEA. It's what it was made for. If you walked up to someone holding a teapot and asked them if they would put a car in it...they would look at you like you were insane because a teapot is obviously not designed to hold a car. (I know...I tried! just kidding, no I didn't. Just kidding, I did) We can't fill ourselves with a car. We can't fill ourselves with a boyfriend. We can't fill ourselves with money. We weren't made to be filled by those things. It's like trying to park a car in a teapot my friends. We were made to be filled with the love of God. End of story. So, why do we (I ) keep trying to fill ourselves with other things? Well, because we like to make accepting God this super difficult thing. We like to try everything else first thinking that we have the answer and we know better than God. We think just because bad things happen in the world that there can't be a God. We think that we need to just muster up the strength within ourselves and keep on truckin. Bad news ya'll...it ain't gonna work. The best part about being a teapot is....all you have to do is be a teapot. When you are a teapot all you have to do is allow yourself to be filled with tea, then used for your specific purpose which is to pour tea. Done. Same with us. All you have to do is just be. Be you. Be still and know that He is God. Allow Him to fill you with His love and you will give His love away as involuntarily as you breathe.

And if giving God's love doesn't bring a smile to someone's face...try the little teapot dance...that one always gets 'em!

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  1. Lovely analogies... I think distractions have been invented by humans...
    I certainly love tea and tea cups and teapots... But the focus has to be in
    the revelry of beauty and not in the splendor of ownership...


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