Thursday, March 11, 2010


Feliz Cumpleanos Mamasita!  I've only known you for 29 of the years that God's graced this world with your presence, but I think we can both agree that those have probably been the best 29 years of your life! : )   One day I'll understand how hard it is to be a mom...until then I'll just issue this blanket apology for basically everything I ever did or said as a child, adolescent, teenager, and college kid.  I hope that covers it for now.  Especially all those times that I lied and snuck out with my friends (shame on all of those people for corrupting me).  What did you think was going to happen when my room was three feet from the alley!?  Oh and that time that I lied about how my car got a big dent in the side...that was a bad one.  I should probably also admit that you were right that time in high school when you asked if I was smoking in my closet. I was.  How stupid! Who does that!?  I was just ASKING to get caught on that one.  Sorry bout that.  I swear, I only got arrested that one time in college, though.  I know....once was enough.  But come it's kind of a funny story, right!?  No!?  Okay...still not funny. I suppose that's another one of those things I'll understand better when my daughter gets arrested in college and lies about it.  WAIT!  I don't want my daughter to get arrested at all.  You're future granddaughter is going to be on lock down. 

But we can laugh now about that time that you had to come pick Heather and I up at that field party after the cops chased us through the woods right!?  That was a good 12 years ago.  Not even a giggle!????  Okay.  I understand.  Misbehaving and lying isn't funny (to you).  The great news is that I have been a model citizen and non-liar for years now.  Well, not that I NEVER lie.  Sometimes you have to tell little white lies. Right!?  Come ON!  Look..I'm not going to tell someone that they look bad in their favorite jeans. I just won't.  I am going to look right in their smiling eyes and lie right to their face and tell them that not only do I love how they look in their favorite jeans, but that I wish I had a pair and looked as good in them.  Yep. Unless they seriously look atrocious. Then I would only tell them how awesome they look.  I wouldn't go the extra mile and say that I want a pair too.  Anyway....back to how it's your birthday and I am thankful for you.  Thank you for always supporting and encouraging me.  God has been so amazingly good to our family.  I still do crazy things, but now it's all for God so we know that it's all going to be amazing and awesome.  Thank you for being proud of me even though I've put you through some hard times.  I am finally someone that I can be proud of.  PRAISE GOD!  Thank you for joining me on this journey down God's path even when it's hard for us..together and seperately.   I hope you have an amazing day!  Thank you for taking care of our little family! 


Katie Kate

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