Thursday, April 8, 2010

More Cowbell....

"I have a fever, and the only prescription is more cowbell" - Walken

Click here for Cowbell explanation

Somebody tell me why I can't get this Saturday Night Live sketch out of my head.  It started last week.  I had a meeting with a co-worker that I hadn't really worked with much.  I went to his office so  I could pick his brain about some issues I've been having (work related ones).  First of all....he's awesome.  He helped me out so much. If I would have known that he was the guru of all things I find confusing...I would have had this meeting eons ago.  As he is in the middle of what I would consider a pretty serious moment of teaching...I glance over his shoulder and see....a real prescription...for....wait for it.....more was signed and everything.  I, being the sophisticated professional that I am, immediately burst into laughter.  Obviously, this guy is cool, or he wouldn't have a prescription for more cowbell proudly displayed at his desk....but, I'm sure my giggling as he is trying to explain a very complex system to me, was slightly off-putting.  Of course, I apologize and immediately explain my sudden outburst....and we both share a nice laugh.  But, ever since that day, I have somehow managed to fit the phrase, "we need more cowbell" or "sounds like you need a prescription for more cowbell" into waaaaaaaay too many conversations.  Most of them inappropriate. And, as is typical for me, most of the time this little addition to my conversations doesn't actually fit with the topic at hand.  I am totally guilty of catch-phrase/movie quote overuse and I don't care who knows it!!!!  I will wear out a phrase like it's nobodies business.  Add in the super cool "fake shotguns" handmotions and a wink...and you've got me in a nutshell (that's my signature move, by the way...copyright Katie McNemar 2008, may not be duplicated or altered, if used please state copyright information immediately after use to avoid any copyright infringement).  Oh man, now I'm thinking of that scene in Austin Powers Man of Mystery, when he says, "no this is me in a nutshell" and then he pretends he's in a is SO funny. Like, this past weekend, I couldn't stop saying "forizzle"...instead of "for real".  The promise of world peace and fresh donuts couldn't have gotten me to stop.

This has been a super stressful last couple of months.  I have had this crazy important project going on at work and today is the day that I turn in both million-page (I am hoping that you already know I am the queen of exaggeration as well) reports I have been working on for the last two months.  And believe me, it hasn't been just me working on this bad boy.  If Wajh (by the's totally and completely not her job in any way to help me...but she's just that awesome...forizzle!) and Paul, a super awesomely amazing resident, hadn't helped me, I wouldn't have been able to do it.  Big ups to Wajh and Paul!!!!  So, every time I would be sitting at my desk, looking at all the stuff I needed to do, feeling totally overwhelmed and exhausted....I would say to myself..."sounds like you need a prescription for more cowbell"...and I would manage to crack a smile.  After I Fed-Ex these bad boys out today, I'm going to celebrate.  Given the fact that it's been in the 90's here in DC and my building still doesn't have the air conditioning turned on (not pleasant for someone that's been sick), I'm going to celebrate somewhere with air conditioning.  Or, like I did last night, I'll celebrate on the roof deck of my building and take in the AMAZING view of DC and enjoy the breeze.  OR, I'll do laundry.  Given the fact that I almost had to wear running shorts and a tube top to work today....I should probably do laundry. 

Since I'm just totally talking about random things, I might as well share with you that I bought New Moon last week.  I didn't storm the Barnes & Noble as soon as they arrived....I'm not THAT bad.  I waited a few days and then I calmly sauntered into the DVD section of B&N.  When I realized that they didn't have any copies of New Moon out, I tried not to panic.  Just knowing that I would have a copy on that day was enough to keep me going without it for longer than I thought I could.  And now...they're sold out!?  Me thinks not!  So, I befriended the man behind the counter and somehow coaxed him into hunting down the last copy for me.  I ain't got no shame in my game, ya'll.  As I am leaving the man said, "don't watch it more than twice tonight!"  I roll my eyes, giggle, and say, "oh please....I'm twenty-nine years it twice in one night!? Bah! I would never...!"  I turn towards the door thinking..."so it's okay to watch it twice.  Just not more than that.  You're still ok.You're still...ok." 

After the second screening that night, feeling good about myself, I realized something that I am afraid is terribly obvious to me now. an American version of Bollywood...minus the science fiction.  Seriously.  Jacob Black....always in the rain...always without a shirt....always staring longingly in Bella's eyes.  A heaping helping of almost-kissing-but-not-kissing.  Edward Cullen....always in the rain....always without a shirt....always staring longingly in Bella's eyes.  Even though they actually kiss, they can't kiss for long because Edward might not be able to resist his urges.  Bella....always the damsel in distress.  She is torn between two lovers.  She loves them both, but her heart has been forever given to Edward.  THIS IS SOOOO BOLLYWOOD!

Ok...I'll leave you all now.  I apologize for cluttering your brains with useless information, but's FUNNY useless information. : )

Team Jacob,



  1. You have to find out where he got that. I gotta have more cowbell. How are you by the way?

  2. CLAYTON!!!! I'm awesome, how are you!? One of the docs in Internal Med wrote it for him. I can hook you up if you are interested. : )

  3. Most definitely, I must have one. So I guess if I want to know anything and everything about k mac I need to read this blog huh?

  4. I'll take care of your request as soon as possible. : ) Yeah, if you want to do some K Mac stalking, my blog would definitely be the place to start. If it's not obviously on an initial browse....I pretty much write whatever is on my mind without regard to the opinions of others. Happy stalking! : )

  5. Stalking is a little much when it comes to blogging. But blogging outside your window may be....honk honk, you see me waving!

  6. Kate,
    A girl from West Virginia should not joke about "more cowbells". A prescription for more cowbells here just means you have been stepping in too many cowpiles and you need more cowbells to warn you where the fresh ones are.

    Your classy, sophistocated MOMA

  7. Ah ha ha! Clay you remember all of my stories! How delightful! :)

    Mama are one classy broad for sure!


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