Friday, August 6, 2010

DC Bollywood Moment III....

I have to interrupt my regularly scheduled week of harassing questions in order to bring you my most recent DC Bollywood moment.

Wajh, her sister Nabila, and I walked down to Thomas Sweet the other night for some ice cream.  Thomas Sweet is a little ice cream and candy shop on the corner of Wisconsin Ave and P St. in Georgetown.  They have the best ice cream EVER!  So, needless to say, Wajh and/or I find ourselves there fairly frequently.  Do you know what is even better than the ice cream?  A little somethin' I like to call...the 100% guaranteed instant ego boost.  Every time we walk in there the guys behind the counter smile at us like they've been waiting all their life for the moment we walk in the door.  Every. Single. Time.  Last night was particularly special because I got two marriage proposals AND the two proposers fought over me right there in the store. (I'm not talking fist fights.  Although that would have been a nice little nostalgic experience for me. It would have reminded me of the good 'ol days back in WV when the night wasn't over until somebody got punched in the face.  Seriously, my life was like Roadhouse.  I wish I was joking, but I'm not.)   The first guy told Wajh he wanted to marry me.  She, of course, advised against this union.  Not because he worked in an ice cream store...but most likely because the proposal didn't come with free ice cream.  Any decent guy knows....if you have access to ice cream...I betta get some fo free, holla!  Then the second guy takes a stab at proposing marriage. BUT, he came with free ice creams samples in hand.  Smart move, Sir.  Smart move indeed.  Although I didn't accept either proposal, I did feel quite honored and...well....special!  I mean, there was an entire line of people behind me....some of those people were women....and these two guys are falling over each other to talk to me.  Not that that doesn't happen every TOTALLY does.  Man, if I had a dime for every marriage proposal I got from a random stranger..I would have, ya know...I lot of dimes or whatever.  Anyway, so we go and sit down and do what we always do....get into deep deep life changing discussions.  I'm totally not kidding.  We can take a conversation about whether you can taste the difference between the blue sprinkles and the pink sprinkles and without trying......we turn it into a conversation that ends with us making a life changing decision complete with tears and hugs.  Usually we hold these discussions at, Brueggar's Bagels, but today, we discussed over ice cream. Ice cream topped with LOVE!  As we are in the middle of a very interesting convo, Boy #1 comes over to our table and starts hitting on me.  Boy #2 sees this and leaves the register to come over and intervene.  There are customers.  They want ice cream.  The guys are arguing over me.  It would have been embarrassing if it wasn't so AWESOME!  Boy #2 makes the winning move when he proclaims "God brings hearts together!  If you think you can take her from me, then try.  If she is for me, then there is nothing you can do. (Then he turns to me and shyly smiles)"  I was like, WHOA!  That is some Knight and Shining Armor stuff right there!  Forget the fact that he is probably 23, a college student, and works at an ice cream shop....THAT.....was deep stuff right there. The soundtrack to Karate Kid II played in the my head.  It was a beautiful moment.


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