Friday, November 25, 2011

I Can't Live...

One of the many reasons I love blogging is that you get to meet some of the best people in the whole world.  People that you would never have met had it not been for the interwebs.  Michael Perkins is one of those people.   I've been reading his blog for about 2 years now and what keeps me coming back again and again is his realness and honesty.  He loves Jesus with all that he is and you can see it in his writing; whether he writes paragraphs or just a few simple words.  He has been such an inspiration and support to Tony and me.  Even though we've never met in person, I feel like we have a true friend in Michael Perkins and his family.  If you've never read The Handwritten, I suggest you take a gander (Michael would appreciate that phrase because he's a Southern boy).   If for nothing else, I'm guest posting there today.  Check out my handwritten post over at Michael's place...

If you just can't get enough of Michael, follow him on Twitter.  



PS - I hope ya'll had a WONDERFUL Thanksgiving. :)

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