Sunday, December 11, 2011

Let Me See...

When I was a kid and would hurt myself, I always hated it when my mom found out.  I would try and cover it up so she wouldn't see, but she would always take my hands away and say, "Let me see".  

I always wanted to hide my wounds from her because I knew what was coming next.

More pain.

In order to get better, I would have to let her wash it out and then spray it with what I affectionately refer to as liquid fire or Solarcaine for those out there that remember such torture devices.  

The more times my mom had to say, "Katie, move your hands and let me see," the more sprays of Solarcaine it was going to take to properly disinfect my wound.  Every time I saw that spray can I would start bargaining with my mom.  "No.  Not that.  Please.  Mom.  Please, no.  There has to be another way."  "Katie do you want your cut to get infected and your leg to fall off (dramatic, yet effective)?"  "YES!!  I would prefer loss of limb over getting sprayed with your devil fire (I didn't actually say this, because I was too young to be quite so witty; but, this is my story and I'll write it how I want to thankyouverymuch).  "Fine then, when your leg falls off we'll have to use a whole can of Solarcaine in order to make you all better.   You're going to have to face it, Kate, so you might as well do it now while the cut is little."  

Words of wisdom from my mom.  I didn't quite care for them back them, but I get it now.

We all have wounds.  Some small, some big.  In order to heal them, we are going to have to uncover them and let the healing balm come.  

This can be painful.

But it's much less painful than a festering, growing wound that immobilizes us.   The bigger the wound gets the longer it takes to heal.

If you're hurting.  Whether it's a fresh wound or one you've had for a long time, there is no better time than now to uncover it and let Jesus heal it.  

Let Him see what you're hiding. 

Trust Him with your bumps and bruises.

I've only been married for two months, but within this short time I have realized that there were hurts that I was covering and didn't know they were there until someone got close enough to me to see them.  Some of these hurts are things I thought I already dealt with.  But some wounds go so deep that you have to heal layer at a time.  I could have tried to hide these things, but I trust Jesus with my hurts now.  I don't fear His touch.  I understand how important it is for my marriage as well as my relationship with God to allow healing to come to me and not to cover up my wounds in shame or fear.  

At one time or another we have all been hurt and wounded.  It's God's will that we be healed, but it has to be our will as well or we will remain injured.  



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