Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Yep, I'm a blogger.

I did it. I started a blog. I'm gonna be honest I'm a little nervous about all this blogging stuff. My goal is to be as honest as possible about my daily struggles, triumphs, blessings, mishaps, etc as I try and figure out what God wants me to be when I grow up and where He wants me to go to do my grown up stuff. Although I am a bit of a chronic oversharer by nature, I do feel that being honest about my struggles is going to be a challenge. But I feel that it is important for me...and for anyone joining me...that I be honest even if someone doesn't like what I say...especially if that someone is ME. I will be changing the names of people in my posts in order to protect the not-so-innocent (joking). I pray that God use this blog to touch not only the readers lives, but also mine. I pray that God use me and my experiences to reach out to the reader and touch their hearts. I want people to see God through me...even when life isn't too pretty..actually, especially when life isn't too pretty. Thank you to anyone who is reading my stuff. God is the star of this show...I am just the key grip or stage hand. In the film business the term dailies (the title of my blog) is used to describe the unedited, raw footage shot during the making of a motion picture. I didn't actually know that until I Googled it this evening when I got home. Why did I Google the word dailies you ask!? Because on my way to work this morning as I am talking with my best friend Jesus about what I am supposed to be doing with my life. Pretty much desperately seeking His guidance. He answered with this: start a blog. I kinda rolled my eyes, and then the He said: You're eyes are gonna get stuck like that if you're not careful. I giggled, then I listened. What He said next was: And call it Dailies...a journey through the struggles, triumphs and blessings of a young Christian trying to figure it all out. So, I thought that "dailies" just referred to the daily struggles,etc...not that it had a double meaning. And that was that. I kinda just rolled on with my day. When I found out that dailies refers to unedited and raw footage I totally fell in love with the title. This blog is going to be the unedited and raw footage of the motion picture that is my life. I am the actor, God is the writer, director, producer, and editor. So...sit back, grab some popcorn, and enjoy...the movie is just about to start!


  1. Looking forward to the show!!! The Katie Daily Show!!! God Bless!

  2. You're WAY cuter and smarter than Jon Stewart, so I'd rather check out your dailies! :) Subscribing now!

  3. OMG, Katie! This is such an AMAZING idea! Love the title and the idea! It is wonderful and I'm so glad you're writing. I can't wait to "read all about it." :) .... waiting, Wajh

  4. Yeeeeeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Im so excited katie!! you are soooo awesome!!! and I only hope that when im in my broadcasting classes and if they so happen to ask what dailies are? I can jump up and say its Katie McNemer's title to her blogs!!!! ---oh I mean...its unedited raw footage..hehehe! Its the expectancy of what God is going to be speaking through you to me that I expect! and I expect for my heart and mind be wrapped up in the truth of Gods word through you!! Im soooo excited!!! God bless the Giver..!

    Love you Katie!!


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