Sunday, October 10, 2010

Katie's Favorite Blogs....

Hi all!  Jon Acuff over at Stuff Christian's Like just did a Shameless Saturday post where he asked people to post about their blogs, causes, bands, books, etc.  I am still shocked as to how many completely awesome blogs there are out there.  And here I was thinking mine was the only one!  So, in order to make your life more awesomer, you should check out some of my favorite blogs. Some I have been reading for awhile and some I found yesterday.  All are amazing.

In no particular order:

- Stuff Christians Like - If you want to laugh and at the same time be challenged (especially on Serious Wednesdays), then this blog is for you.
- Jen's Account  - Jen loves Jesus, Truth, Growth, and has a passion for helping people.
- Big Mama'a Blog -  Alise lives in WV, but that's not why I love her.  She is transparent and open.  She believes in grace and love and she doesn't care who knows it.
- Donald Miller - If you don't already read this, then you should.
- A Women's Guide to Women, A Blog for Men -  I seriously just love the hell out of this blog. It's all just so true.
- (in) courage -  A different amazing woman of God writing every day.  Check it out.
- Jesus Needs New PR -  Matthew Paul Turner just tells it like it is.
- Pop Thy Collar - Pure awesomeness.
- Rachel Held Evans -  Rachel is an author, a Christian, and a believer of evolution.
- Bryan Allain - I look forward to reading Bryan's blog every day.  He is hilarious and inspirational.
- The Church of No People - Matt Appling makes me laugh, cry, and stretch my thoughts and beliefs.
- Jamie The Very Worst Missionary - Jamie shares her thoughts, feelings, and experiences as a missionary in Costa Rica. She is transparent and cusses....I love her.
- What He is Teaching Me - No other blog I read challenges me more than Jeremy's.  He is honest and speaks the truth no matter what.  He is also hilarious.
- Messiah Mom -  Honest, wonderful, funny, and just all around amazing.

I know....there are a lot.  And I am totally leaving some out.  The people that write these blogs have no idea how much their words have changed my life.  They make me feel normal.  They encourage me to challenge myself.  They touch my heart.  They help me be more honest about who I am and what I struggle with.  They make me laugh 'till I pee my pants.  They show me God.  THANK YOU and please don't stop writing!




  1. Wow, what a list to be included on! You so humble me. Thank you for your kind words. Have a great day!

  2. I've just had a very weird experience turning up on your blog and seeing that your latest post mentioned mine!!

    Perhaps I've eaten too much cheese and I'm dreaming...


  3. I'm honored I made it onto your list! I will have to check out these now! Yay for new (well, new to me) blogs to read! :)

  4. Dude...I'm with the others here! How in the world my rinky-dink blog got the list with the likes of Stuff Christians Like and Bryan Allain is beyond me. But I appreciate the kind words. I'm not quite sure what to do with all these warm fuzzies... :)

  5. Hey, thanks for putting me on your list! I was really glad to get your comment last week about being neighborly. It's funny how different cultures have different definitions of the word. I'll see ya around, blog-neighbor!

  6. Sweet! I made the list. That's awesome.

    I don't think I've ever made a list before :) unless we count the naughty list 'round Christmastime!


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