Wednesday, October 20, 2010

No Thank You, I've Got It.....

I always look forward to my walk to work in the morning during this time of year.  I usually bump some awesome music and lose myself for a few minutes while enjoying the scenery on my one mile hike.  I usually come back down to earth as soon as I get to the stone stairs beside the parking garage that lead to the main hospital entrance.  This is my signal to take out my ear phones, get my badge on, and switch into work mode. 

This morning as I reached the stair case I looked up and saw a young lady lowering a baby stroller down the stairs.  I could see little feet kicking from within.  She looked like she was having a hard time so I immediately I ran up the stairs and asked her if I could please help her carry the stroller down the stairs.  She smiled sweetly and politely told me, "no thank you, I've got it," as the back wheels of the stroller precariously bounced down to the next step. 

I just couldn't let this go.  All I could picture in my head was the stroller falling down the stairs with this precious little baby in it.  I asked her if I could at least carry her bags for her.  She once again smiled and declined my assistance.

I asked her again, "I'm sorry, but are you sure!?  This looks pretty unsafe; for both you and the baby. Please.  Let me help you. I really don't mind at all."  As I am saying this I throw my purse down on the stairs, and walk to the front of the stroller and grab it, preparing to help her carry it.

She looks at me this time with a serious look on her face and says, "Ma'am....No. Thank. You.  Seriously....I've got it."

So as hard as it was for me to do so....I politely consented to her request, let go of the stroller and said, "Okay, no problem.  But I'm just going to walk beside you anyway....just in case you need me."

Thank you Jesus for walking beside us, even when we say, "No thank you....I've got it."
Thank you for being there when we fall.



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  1. How often do we do this to Jesus, our (Christian) brothers and sisters? I too often put the precious things in my life at risk becasue I will not ask for nor receive help... That's a good word, Katie!


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