Tuesday, May 31, 2011

A Dog's Life: Part V...

Thank you for joining me here at The Dailies for another enlightening look into A Dog's Life.  Today, my dog Bailey, has a big announcement to share with everyone!

Me: So, Bailey, you have something that you would like to share with us, right!?  What's the big news!?!?

Bailey: Thanks for having me back again, Katie! Especially after I puked in your shoes the other day.  It's tough to come back from something like that.  Anyways....I have a pretty exciting announcement.  I didn't see it coming.  I wasn't expecting it.  BUT....I kinda, sorta have a new boyfriend!

Me:  Really!!!??  Wow, Bailes, that is so super exciting!  Who's the lucky dog?

Bailey:  His name is Zack Alkire.  You know him. 

Zack Alkire...I know him...

Me:  Aww, I love Zack!  He's such a good doggie!  But, Bailey, isn't he a little young for you?  He's only 3 and your 8 years old.  Does the age gap make it difficult?

Bailey:  The age gap has been a bit of a problem.  He has a lot to learn, but his youthful energy is actually what I like about him. 

Me: I kinda had a feeling that something was going on after I heard that you went on a trip to a waterfall together.  Kinda romantic!!

Romantic waterfall

Bailey: That is the trip that I finally stopped trying to bite him and finally gave him a chance.

Me:  That's...sweet. 

Bailey: I actually have some pictures of us that will explain everything if you don't mind taking a look.

Me:  Awesome! I love pictures, let's take a look!

This is one of the reasons why it's been so hard for me to give Zack a chance.  He's just comes on too strong!

I tried to play hard to get, but I still wore my BEST pink harness.  He totally knew I was into him...
He is so attentive and excited about me, that's he just so hard to ignore.  And there's just something about his eyes...
He went outside with me to make sure that I didn't get attacked by that pack of coyotes that live above our camp (true story!).  What a gentleman!
We have SO much in common.  We both love to eat grass....

....To sit in chairs...

....AND chew up sticks!  What more could a girl want?
But sometimes I still growl at him and show my teeth when he gets too close for comfort.

But my dad likes him, so that's a huge plus!
He makes me smile and that's what's really important. :)

Me:  I love your pictures, Bailey girl!!  You two seem to have a lot in common and you look really happy....except for that one picture of you growling.  Isn't being in love great!!!?

Bailey: Let's not get crazy now.  The "L" word is a little much.  I like him.  Let's just sit with that for awhile.  Let it soak in, ya know?

Me: Okay, okay.  I'm not trying to rush anything.  It's just that you two are so cute together!!

Bailey:  I didn't say anything to you about Tony, did I?  Nope. I just kept my muzzle shut and waited for you to figure it all out on your own.  I met the guy.  I like him, even though he doesn't even remotely smell like anything dead.  I dig his vibe.  He has a really great energy, ya know.  I didn't want to bite him, snarl, or bark incessantly at him; so that's another good thing.  You two are far better suited for each other than Zack and me.  But, I'm still going to give that speckled doggie a fighting chance.

This is Tony. He does NOT smell like dead things.
Me:  I'm really happy to hear that you "dig Tony's vibe".  He's pretty groovy, for sure.  I wish you and Zack all the happiness that Tony and I have.  You're a good girl and you deserve a good doggie.  What's next for you and Zack!?

Bailey:  Zack got sprayed by a skunk (true story!), so he's kinda out of commission right now.  Once he's allowed to come out and play again, I figure we'll head out on another adventure.  He's not a great swimmer, so I think I'll take him out on the river so he can learn.  I'm more of a country dog and he's  more of a city dog, but I think we're going to get along just fine!

Is that Moses? 

Me:  That sounds like a plan, Bailes!  I don't think it's a coincidence that you and I both found really great guys at around the same time.  I pray this gives hope to everyone out there who is faithfully waiting for the right one and feeling like it's never going to happen.

Bailey:  I hope so too.  Zack is my first boyfriend. I've been waiting all my life for this misfit mutt, so I know all about losing your patience. The right one is well worth the wait.  You don't want to settle, but you also don't want to get too overly picky.  Listen to me everyone, don't disregard someone just because they sniff your butt or pee on your dad's truck tire. Nobody's perfect.

Me:  Um....yeah.  That's some pretty sound advice there, Bailey.   Thank you again for sharing with us!

Join us next time for more compelling stories from A Dog's Life!


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