Thursday, February 18, 2010

25 Random Things About Me....

1) I love washing and drying my clothes, but I hate putting my clothes away.  So much so that I usually just don't.  I live alone, and I'm not offended by piles of clothes, so...!  (My Dad is getting ready to call me right now and have a nice chat with me about how young ladies always keep their places neat and tidy.)

2) I love Indian and Afghan food.  LOVE it.  I could eat it every day and never get bored.  I might get larger, but never bored.

3) I still have two baby teeth.  My two bottom first molars.  No big girl teeth ever grew in under them, so I got to keep them!  And the "toothfairy" got to keep two silver dollars.

4) I have a scar on my left lower lip from when I fell doing cartwheels as a kid.  I was five. I'll never forget it.  My front tooth broke off into my lip and my dad didn't know what to do.  By the time my mom got involved it was too late to get stitches.  I like my scar.

5) Sometimes my lip scar aches when it is cold outside or about to rain.

6) My Grammy's (dad's mom) cure all for any ailment or injury of any kind whatsoever...was Absorbine Jr (a topical medication for muscle aches and pains).  You scratched your knee...Absorbine Jr.  You have an infected hangnail.....Absorbine Jr.  Bug bite.....Absorbine Jr.  Broke your leg....Absorbine Jr.  And believe me when I tell you that it burned like boiling hot magma.  My cousins and I were careful never to get hurt...or at least stay in shape so we could out run Grammy when we did get hurt. LOL! I remember being hurt so bad that I could barely walk but I held it together in front of Grammy so she wouldn't attack my fresh wounds with her liquid fire.

7) Speaking of topical medication...I am surprised that I didn't get the nickname Vick's when I was a kid.  If I sniffled at all my mom would cover my whole body (slight exaggeration) with Vick's.  I used to have chronic sinus infections and severe allergies.

8) I taught aerobics as a youth camp counselor when I was 19.

9) I still count on my fingers.

10) I had to take remedial math TWICE in college before I could even take the 101 class.  Don't even get me started on Statistics....

11) In order to pass Statistics class I waited until I could take Mr. Dixon...he would give you a C just for showing up for every class.  I got a C.

12) I love to sing.  One of the best times of my whole life was getting to sing in front of my church....and people liked it.  It makes me smile just thinking about it.

13) 13 is my lucky number.  I was born on January 13th and I like to take things that people think are unlucky and make them lucky.

14) I love animals, but I don't have any. 

15) Fart jokes will always be funny to me for the rest of my life.  Even when I am cleaning 20 disgusting diapers a day...I will find poop hilarious. I just know it.

16)  I don't like big groups of people or really crowded places.  Not because it's makes me nervous, but because it makes it hard for me to get any attention.  And that just isn't acceptable. 

17) I still have a WV drivers license even though I haven't lived there in over 3 years.

18) It's the best driver's license picture I've ever taken.  Heck, it may be the best picture I've ever taken PERIOD.

19) I think about things WAY too much.  I should have an honorary Doctorate in Deduction and (over)Analysis.

20) I should also have a degree in Commitment Avoidance.

21) I could speak in only movie quotes for the rest of my life.

22) I spontaneously slip into an awful British accent for no reason whatsoever.

23) Other than the fact that British accents are awesome!

24) I like turkey jerky

25) Getting to know God and having God in my life is the by far the best thing I ever did and ever will do. Hands down.  I can't even put it into words. 

Well, I hope you found this interesting.  If you ever want to know anything else about me...just ask.  I am always ready and willing to share way too much information about myself.



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