Thursday, February 4, 2010

Men and Women are different!? WHAT!?

I know you're disappointed, but I am interrupting my regularly scheduled Flashback Week blogging to bring you this important blog about an interesting article I read about why men and women don't understand each other:

First of all, Wajhma took some of my stuff so she could read it, so until I get it can bloggy.

Second of all, I like reading about and discussing the very complex yet simple fact that men and women are just plain different.

I could write a book on this topic...hmmm....maybe I will. But until then, read the above article and let me know your opinions, experiences, and thoughts on how men and women are different and how that effects the way we communicate with each other and such. Comment below or send me an email at

Let me give you an example of how men and women think differently....

I, me, Katie...a woman...wonders all the time who the anonymous "follower" is on my blog. Is it someone I know? If it is someone I know, then why did they choose to follow anonymously? Maybe they accidentally forgot to type in their name when they became a follower. OR, could it be someone that hates me!? Oh my gosh, why would someone hate me!? If they hate me, then why are they following my blog? Maybe it's an ex boyfriend and he doesn't want me to know that he follows my blog. But, if it is and he just wants to take a look at my blog every once and awhile, then why doesn't he just bookmark my page instead of going all the way to become a follower and yet not give his name!? Being an anonymous follower is like having a secret admirer...but without the blatant show of admiration that one would expect from any admirer worth their salt. Ohhhh, maybe it's a guy that likes me!!!! Maybe he likes following my blog because he has a crush on me and thinks I'm awesome, but he doesn't want me to know he likes me because he's playing it cool. If so, then it would have to be someone I know or else he would give his name! Why wouldn't they want me to know though!? Maybe it's some psycho stalker weirdo. EW! I hope not, I am so NOT IN THE MOOD for that. It's probably just some random person that signed up to follow my blog on accident and never ever reads my blog at all, why do I always have to get all dramatic about EVERYTHING!? But wouldn't it be SO romantic if it was the man of my dreams and one day when we are sitting around with all of our super awesome friends, we'll tell them that we got together because he was so enthralled by my thoughtful and powerful writing that he had to follow my blog. OR maybe my mom created a blank account on accident when she was trying to become a follower of my blog. OH MY GOSH, what if the anonymous blog follower reveals who they are after reading this!???? Dun dun duuuuuun!

SEE! That's what girls DO! We analyze EVERYTHING until there is nothing left but dust!!!! It's SICK! Our minds are going a million miles a minute, even sleep can't stop it. MAKE IT STOP!!!

What would a man think if they had an anonymous follower on their blog? Well, I asked some manly men that very question, and this is what they said:

- Why would I have a blog? Seriously, who would want to read about my lame ass life.

- Who cares if they're anonymous? Why does it matter? Wait, you have a blog? (Obviously this is not my anonymous blog follower)

- I wouldn't care.

- I would just assume that they want to have my blog on their list, but not want me to read theirs due to privacy issues. (Men are so practical!)

- Lot's of people follow blogs anonymously, I wouldn't assume it was someone that was in love with me or something. (Thanks for crushing my dreams survey participator!)

See the difference!!!!!!!

PHEW! It is exhausting being a woman and constantly having to think about every detail of everything. No wonder we are so stressed out all the time. While men are happily enjoying life in a wonderful oblivion, us women are out there protecting them from the dangers of world with our powers of deduction.

You're welcome! : )


Anonymous follower admirer


  1. Maybe somebody does have a crush on you.

  2. OH! Well, hello there, Anonymous! You do exist. So happy to hear it. There goes my theory about my mom being the accidental culprit.

    So, tell us....why are you anonymous??? I have so many questions (please refer back to above paragraph)....

  3. I can't reveal who I am because that would destroy the mystery. You might not like me! I'll drop you a hint every now and then, however.

  4. you know i had the same thing happen to me with my blog... the guy said his name was "carl.notmyrealname," and it drove me crazy because of course, i am a woman (see above blog entry) lol... in the end i figured out it was my dad... but your Anonymous isn't your mom!!! soooo mysterious!!! it would drive me crazy!!! see above blog entry ;)


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