Saturday, February 6, 2010

Flashback Week - Numero Dos

Yep...that's me in 7th grade.

Braces? Check. Frizzy hair? Check. In desperate need of sun? Check. Dorky younger brother? CHECK PLUS! (Sorry I had to drag you into this, Kirk.)

I just wanted you all to have a visual on the 7th grade Katie that wrote this poem about Love:


by Kaver
(my self appointed nickname in middle school)

You're far apart and you miss each other
But you know that no matter what
you will recover
All you need is your lifetime lover.
There is a band of love connecting you at the heart
And you know that you will never part.
It stretches clear around the world.
It won't bend or break or lose it's way.
It's there each and every day.
Even if you go away
the band of Love let's part of you stay.
You feel it's tug when you're far away.
True love can withstand any barriers blocking it's way.

What the heck does a seventh grader know about lifetime lovers!!!??? Where did I come up with this stuff!!??? I know it's not the most well written poem ever and I use words that rhyme with "way" a lot, but I am totally digging the message. This "band of love connecting you at the heart" represent the soul connections that we form with each other. Anyone that has ever loved someone (friends, family, boyfriend, wife, etc) knows the feeling you get in your heart when you miss someone. When they are away from you feel the tug of the band connecting your hearts. HOW SWEET!!!!!!

When I read this poem I envision two people kissing each other goodbye, and as they turn to walk away from each other you see this red band connecting the two of them. As they each go their seperate ways I see this red band winding and stretching over roadways, mountains, and seashores. There is no mountain too treacherous or sea too stormy to break their connection. The farther away the two people get the thinner the band stretches, but it refuses to break. With each tug they are reminded of each other. Ultimately, the band snaps them back together.

Wasn't 7th grade Katie so deep!? : )



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  1. Now I regret throwing away all the emo poems I wrote in my middle school/high school days.
    You were totally deep. You lifetime lover you.


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