Sunday, January 3, 2010

Adios 2009, Hola 2010....


I am supposed to be super pumped and excited that it's a new year.

2009 is gone and 2010 now begins.

I'm supposed to make some new year's resolutions, like lose weight or stop drinking coffee, or whatever...but quite frankly....I'm fresh outta stuff to give up. I like my curves and my caffeine. I would like to give up having to pay rent...and parking tickets...can we arrange for that!? Didn't think so.

Don't get me wrong...I know that 2010 is going to be an amazing year! No doubt at all about that. I'm pumped every morning that I open up these hazel eyes and get to live another day!

I think what I've realized over the last few years is that I have the ability to live an awesome life every single day. God doesn't make time lines and say to us...okay, just get through 2009 and then I'll give ya a good year. God doesn't want us to live waiting for the next new year so that we can make more resolutions we can't keep, and then subsequently feel guilty about how we can't stick to anything...and then get depressed and year is another year...I'll have a better life then. No, God wants us to live every single day to it's fullest. Who does that!? Not too many's not an easy thing to do. People are walking around waiting for an awesome life to fall out of the sky and hit them on the doesn't quite work that way. If you want the best life have to get movin. Stop waiting.

I think the reason that I'm not jumpin outta my skin excited that it's 2010 is that I decided a long time ago that I was going to live every day trying to serve my purpose here on Earth. Some days I fail, and some days I do better than my best....but the point is...I don't wait. If there is something poisoning my life...I don't wait to make a resolution about it...I change it and move on. If I'm not happy with my life, then I take steps to change it.

God put the desires of our hearts in there for a reason. So we would pursue them. Each person is here for a specific purpose and therefore the desires written on your heart might be different from the ones written on mine....but the point is...they're there. Don't fear failure. Don't fear disappointment. Make your intention to follow the path that God has laid out for you and go. Don't let the fear of going the wrong way stop you from moving forward....just take that one step into the unknown and trust that God will guide you.

2009 was a year of big changes for me, but that didn't stop when the clock struck twelve on Jan. 1st, 2010. Each day of each year will bring change. What God was doing in my life in 2009 will flow into 2010, and so on. I know that no matter what, as long as I am living, I will be growing, changing, and learning. Not because I was finally able to stick to that new years resolution to lose 10 pounds, but because my intention is to walk in the will of God every single moment of every single every single year. I will never go backwards. I will only progress. My life will only get better...regardless of adversity, pain, heartache, or whatever road block life throws at me...because God is my teacher and the lesson is never over. God takes us through seasons...they can last for a day or for many years, but the constant is that they change....with us as in nature.

So Cheers to a new year of prosperity and blessings to everyone! I pray that God show us all how to live everyday like it's a new year. Live every day knowing that you serve a very importance purpose.





  1. Yay! The photo looks great! I have saved every single fortune I've gotten since high school. I still remember the night I got that fortune and it came ripped at the edge. It was almost 2 years ago and it's still on my bulletin board because I always have to tell myself that God gives us a life full of difficult tests to strengthen our spirit and test our soul. Our bodies may wither away, but our soul always remains. I look at that fortune every night before I go to bed and I know God tells me things in special ways all the time, just like He meant for me to have THAT particular note in my cookie. With every hardship, I just have to remind myself 'it is a test from God'.

    Katie, you are a beautiful and glowing person and every one can see how wonderful your soul is. I know that God will reward you greatly for it.

  2. Thank you so much Maryam. God tests us and strengthens us, because He loves us. He doesn't want us to be weak and scared, He wants us to live life to the fullest at all times. In order to do that, we have to go through some hardships. But we're not alone. God never leaves us. God never gives up on us. God never brings us to anything that we aren't already prepared to handle, even if we don't feel prepared. You are stronger than you know. More beautiful than you know. And loved more than you know. Thank you for spreading the light. : )

  3. PS - Thank you for the fortune! I love it. It's amazing the ways that God speaks to us...


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