Monday, January 4, 2010

Believe Again in Twenty Ten...

Yep, that's me. What am I doing, you ask!? Well...I'm dancing in the card isle of CVS on New Year's Eve. Why, what did you do that was more fun!? (Don't answer that.)

This picture really doesn't have anything to do with what I'm going to write about, but I just felt like posting I did. I do what I want.

Here's what I'm gonna write about...

Believe Again in Twenty Ten.

At church this Sunday my brother Kirk, who is the youth pastor at our church, was trying to come up with positive 2010 motto's..and of course, they have to rhyme. Some of the ones he came up with:

- I will grin in 2010
- I will win in 2010
- I won't hit my shin in 2010 (he already hit his shin, so we tossed that one out..)
- I will shave my chin in 2010 (that one does not apply to me...just wanted to be clear)
- I won't drink gin in 2010

You get the picture...

Then in the second service, Pastor Clark said it. The perfect 2010 motto. Believe Again in Twenty Ten.

I like it.

I can talk a big game, but honestly, I struggle all. the. time. to trust and believe in God's goodness and that He is here with me all the time and that He WANTS me to be joyful. 2009 was mighty fine (that rhymed), but I am moving into 2010 believing that this will be the year that I believe more than I ever have in my life...that God is good and wants to prosper me and my family. Faith is believing in what you hope for...and I believe that God wants to give me the desires of my heart. Not because I deserve it or I don't sin, but because He is a Good Father.

When I pray, I will believe that God hears me.

When I cry, I will believe that God saves every tear and that one day there will be no more tears.

When I am worried, I will believe that God has already gone ahead of me and paved the way for me. He will not start a good work in me and not finish it. Even when all the cards are down and it looks like I'm losing...I will believe that God's plan works all things out for good.

When I feel like things aren't working out the way I thought they would, I will believe that when God closes one door all I have to do is turn around and see that he has opened another one.

Sometimes we think the desires of our hearts are impossible, but BELIEVE that nothing is impossible with God. Believe again in that dream, even if it seems crazy. We only live once, my friends, it's time to let go of the "boo hoo for me" and embrace the impossible. Live. Love. Laugh. BELIEVE! Are you ready for a miracle?!

I am.



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