Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Birthday Week Day 4 - Mom recounts Katie's school days

For Birthday Week Day 4, the honored and revered guest blogger, my mom, will dazzle you with stories of my school days. In order to defend myself, I will comment..they will be in red. Prepare to be amazed.

Katie's Island Nursery years: Believe it or not, Katie was quiet and shy. She had curly blonde hair and was very particular about picking out clothes to wear each day. She picked up her clothes and kept her toys put away. She couldn't even go to sleep if her closet door was ajar or blankets were wrinkled. None of this would be a surprise to you unless you are a previous roommate.

I remember being particular about everything when I was a kid. I also remember being shy and quiet...which believe it or not, I still am sometimes.

Katie's Academy Grade School, East Main Street School, Union Elementary School and Intermediate School days. We lived in the same place through these years but for one reason or another, she changed schools almost every year. OK, it is hard to pick a story but in case you haven't heard about Katie's insatiable lying, here goes. Katie made up a story at school about having an older brother that was in the service. Of course, the principal knew us and knew that Katie did not have an older brother. She continued stories about him, gave him a name and almost convinced her brother, Kirk, that they had another brother.

In my defense all that moving made it hard to make friends...especially for a shy and quiet girl such as me. You failed to mention howI used to get picked on...which would explain the insatiable lying...at least kinda. Don't fault me for having an active imagination.

Katie at BUMS (Buckhannon-Uphsur Middle School). I choose the "Woodstock Party" for this era. Katie and Heather decided to have a party at our old house out on the Elkins Road. Connie (my sister) and I told them they could have a party but we did not know that they made flyers and passed them out at school. Connie and I were trying to scarf down some food before the party started. We looked out the window and there was a stream of kids coming down the long driveway. Our neighbor had a rustic fence and they were setting all along the fence and more were coming down the road. We went into panic mode. I told Connie, "You take the back yard and I'll take the basement". We corralled them until Randy got home to help.

Hey...that party kicked ass. That's all I have to say.

Katie in high school. Well, cheerleader, soccer player, sprinter in track, Homecoming Queen, Prom Queen. Katie always wanted to do it all. She had a slight problem of finishing what she started sometimes. Needless to say we were very proud of her. For birthday week, I prefer to tell stories about Katie getting into trouble. Heather is going to relate my favorite story. I will tell about Katie and Heather driving our new Jeep (the one Katie has now). They took someone home that lived up a narrow driveway. They were both looking out the window and backing down the driveway. Somehow they did not see a building on the side of the road and scraped the side of the car. Katie had to pay for it herself. We told her we were not going to report it to our insurance. She went to Jenkins Ford and got it done for a song. We could not believe that they would do it $250 or $300. I guess it helps to be a pretty girl.

Why do one thing when you can do it all!!!? I don't finish things that I don't like. Why force yourself to be miserable doing something you know isn't right for you. I'm not a quitter...I'm more of a try everything and weed out the stuff that sucks kinda person. I don't know what it means to have something "done for a song" but all I know is that they made that Jeep look good as new.

Marshall University. The thing I remember the most was moving every year. A habit that Katie and Heather had after college. Actually, both of them has moved in the last 2 months. Chrissy and Krisha were Katie's first roommate. Their first apartment was not bad but they thought they wanted a house. It turned out to me owned by a slum lord. I called the building inspector on him. Then they moved over on 6th Ave in a pretty nice apartment house (except for the hookers on the corner). Katie then moved to an apartment by herself with her new puppy, Bailey. Bailey moved out first so Katie would not get kicked out. Katie was also suffering from sleep deprivation because the puppy chewed on her all night long. Whow, that makes about 10 places since you moved out of home. Makes me tired to think about it.

I'm a nomad.

Hope I am invited back to Birthday Week next year. Love ya, MOM

You will most certainly be invited back for Birthday week next year. Who else knows enough about me to make fun of me so thoroughly!?



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