Monday, January 11, 2010

Birthday Week Guest Blogger....Mom

I am ending day one of Birthday week with a comment from a guest blogger. Please read the blog below brought to you by the wonderful woman that brought me into this mom...Sharon McNemar:

As your mother, I am sure no one could remember your birth better than me. Let me say to start with, that it was a highlight of my life, a dream come true, a blessing sent from heaven, the happiest I had ever been. That being said, I think day one should have some mention of 18 hours of labor. Enough about the mother's part in this. Let's move on to a comment about the picture you have on facebook of your proud daddy looking at you with adoring eyes. I love the picture but I can't forget what he said to Dr Reed when you finally arrived -"Will she have this much trouble giving birth next time?" And with the strength I had left, I grabbed your sweet daddy by the collar and said, "Next time?!!!" But one look into your beautiful eyes and all of that was forgotten. To be continued on day 2 of Katie's Birthday Week.

Thank you mom for the 18 hours of labor...I don't really remember it, but I sure am glad you kept on goin'! Katie McNemar being born wasn't easy...and Katie McNemar livin' life isn't always easy.....but both are a labor of love! : )

See you all tomorrow for Birthday week Day 2!

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