Wednesday, January 13, 2010

BDay Blog Day 3: The Walk of Friendship by Wajh

YAY! It's my birthday! The following blog is brought to you by one of the best friends a girl could ever have. The Dailies are proud to present today's birthday week guest blogger Wajh.

The Walk of Friendship

by Wajh

I had a lot on my mind that day. Life was taking a toll on me. Too much was happening all at once. I wanted to share my story and tell someone before I burst and exploded into tiny little pieces…but I couldn’t. I lived a very private life. Aside from my immediate family, I didn’t know who to trust and how to share my life stories. And…so God sent me Katie Lynn McNemar.

I was sitting at my desk, answering, what seemed to be 1000 phone calls, my mind was in complete chaos about my personal situation and I just, physically, did not feel good. So, I looked over to Katie’s desk and seriously, like a ray of sunshine she smiled at me – as wide and genuine as anyone can smile and then shrugged her shoulders. For that moment, I forgot that I was dealing with a million things and smiled back. Before I knew it, we were “fake” laughing and then eventually burst out laughing so loud in the office, like no one was listening. Later that day, towards the end of the day, Katie came and sat on the chair next to my desk and asked if I was okay….that’s all it took. Normally, I would answer with “yes, I’m fine”…to just about anyone else that would ask me that question. There was something about the way she asked…it was the hope in her eyes and the deep sympathy, empathy & caring in her voice that I couldn’t help but answer her.

Unlike me, Katie had a very carefree personality. Nothing in her life was private. She too was going through a break up. Katie sat in that chair, for the next hour and shared her story as I shared mine. Her face would change and her eyes would tear up from time to time. So, we decided to go to a restaurant and talk some more. We walked slowly to the parking garage. We took a few steps and then we would stop. We would talk for a few minutes and then we would walk some more. Every time we stopped, another story would come up that somehow linked us…meaning, our lives were so similar. We finally walked to the car and somehow ended up sitting on my couch, at my apartment and talked non-stop until 11:00 p.m. without eating anything and only had a glass of water and we talked and talked. Every minute of that conversation, I would find out more and more about Katie McNemar. Her stories amazed me. Her maturity amazed me. Her spirit amazed me. Most of all, her heart and courage amazed me.

Her life has been an adventure. She hasn’t traveled all over the world…no not that kind of an adventure. It has been a learning adventure. Katie has made every step of her life a learning process, whether it was learning from her parents, her brother, her sister in law, her friends, her boy friends, her dog, her neighbors, relatives and even the homeless on the streets. She is amazed by life and people’s stories. She wants to know more about everyone’s inner core…their soul. Ever since I’ve known her, she gets so deeply involved with people…she connects with them at a very deep spiritual level. She usually ends up helping those people become better…and from every connection and story, she learns something about herself and makes her own life better... and ladies and gentlemen – that’s the key to life. Everyone can sit and listen to you, everyone can nod their head, everyone can give you some advice here and there. Yet, not everyone can connect with your soul and make you and themselves better.

Katie Lynn McNemar was born on January 13th, 1981 – A ray of sunshine, even when she’s in a grumpy mood – She has become a best friend that will be there for you through your toughest times in your life! A daughter, from what her parents say –that they are proud of every day! A sister that when talking with her brother and sister in-law, look up to her, respect her and loves her so much! A warm and kind human being that will treasure your heart and nurture your soul, no matter what your relationship is to her! Happy Birthday Katie! : )

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  1. I like all of the stories on day 2 but I have to treasure our dear Wajhma. "Katie Lynn McNemar was born on January 13th, 1981 – A ray of sunshine, even when she’s in a grumpy mood" It takes a true friend or a mother to love you and see your sunshine even when you are grumpy. Love you Katie and Wajhma.


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